Administrative Services for Maternity & Parental Leave in Greater Toronto Area

While the birth of a child is a wonderful time in a parent’s life, the special event still brings with it its own set of challenges and stresses. One of these main stresses is dealing with administrative paperwork for your maternity or parental leave. Greater Toronto Area residents in need of advice or counselling concerning maternity or parental leave can turn to Baby Steps Guru. We’re your one-stop shop for administrative support, serving busy parents on the go as well as newly established and small- to medium-sized businesses. From dealing with HR to filling out government applications, to connecting you with the local community, Baby Steps Guru handles it all:

  Retirement Services: Coming-Soon

Government Support Services

When preparing for your baby’s arrival, you want to ensure that all admin related documentation is in place, especially when catering for unexpected eventualities. At Baby Steps Guru, we ensure that all government applications for you and your baby are completed within a timely manner, from Employment Insurance to setting you up for Child Tax Benefit and any other documentary matters related to maternity or parental needs.

Human Resources & Benefits Support Services

Having a safe pregnancy is every parent’s goal; however, sometimes pregnancy complications arise midway through your pregnancy or right from the start. As a result, you may need to take a medical leave of absence from work prior to your baby’s arrival or lessen your everyday work activity. Regardless of the circumstances, at Baby Steps Guru, we will ensure that all administrative paperwork with your employer and benefits provider is completed and information is up to date to ensure a seamless transition into your maternity or parental leave.

Scheduling/Appointment Setting

You and your baby are finally home - GREAT! Now it’s time to bond. However, you are back into your reality of everyday life. Factor in, if you have other young kids, that tackling family duties can get overwhelming with a newborn baby! Appointments, events, drop-offs, and pick-ups can get overlooked. At Baby Steps Guru, we can help you organize your schedule for a few weeks or a few months with our scheduling service.

Business to Business Clients

Are you a brand new small- to medium-sized business? Or perhaps you are an established, yet small business with minimal to no HR presence within the workplace? Are your employees looking for answers you can’t provide when it comes to taking maternity or parental leave? Baby Steps Gurus helps small- and medium-sized businesses as the go-to experts when it comes to anything maternity and parental leave related. We provide EI, HR, and Benefits Administration expertise and consultative advice. Let us be your admin gurus for your staff, so that you can focus your time on other day-to-day business activities!

Retirement Services: COMING-SOON

Will include:

  • CPP consultation services

  • CPP application services

  • Employer/HR admin services

  • Benefits admin services

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